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Is Eddie Munson is Gay?

Is Eddie Munson is Gay

No, Eddie Munson is not gay. People often search for the sexuality of Eddie Munson. He is the most loveable character in Netflix’s most popular series “The Stranger Things  Session 4”. Let’s explore more information about Eddie Munson and his sexuality.

Who is Eddie Munson?

Eddie Munson is a new character in the fourth season of Stranger Things which is the hit Netflix series. He is portrayed by Joseph Quinn. In the web series, Eddie is shown as a confident and charismatic teenager and he loves music. Moreover, he is the leader of the Hellfire Club, a group of Hawkins High students who play Dungeons and Dragons. In the web series, he is known for his leadership skills as he brings together a group of fellow D&D enthusiasts. Eddie gets to know about the supernatural and mysterious side of the Hawkins when he becomes the witness to the horrific death of Chrissy Cunningham.  However, at the end of the session, he sacrifices his life for his friends.

Eddie Munson Biographical Information

Status  Deceased
Born 1965-1968
Died March 27, 1986
Age 17-20
Residence Hawkins, Indiana
Relationship status Single
Occupation Student at Hawkins Middle School


Physical Information

Height 5’10” (180 cm)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark brown



Main Actor Joseph Quinn

Is Eddie Munson gay?

According to our information

Stranger Things does not make Eddie Munson’s sexuality obvious. However, certain clues claim he is gay, while others suggest he is heterosexual.

Factors that indicate Eddie Munson is gay

  • Clothing Style: Eddie Munson’s clothing style is similar to the Hanky Code. The Hanky Code is also known as flagging. It is a color-coded communication method used by gay males from the 1960s to the 1980s. Hence, his regular outfit seems to imply that he might be.
  • Relation with Steve: The scene between Eddie and Steve comes under the romantic genre. The way Eddie wraps his arm around Steve while playing guitar. Also, Eddie looks genuinely pleased when Steve refers to him as his hero. Viewers discover Eddie has a crush on Steve because of the way he unexpectedly warms up to him.

Factors that indicate Eddie Munson is  not a gay

  • Crush on Chrissy Cunningham: Joseph Quinn who played the character of Eddie Munson on screen, admitted indirectly that Eddie Munson is not gay. As he declared during the IGN interview Eddie Munson has a crush on a female character named Chrissy.
  • Brotherly relation with Dustin: In his final scene, Before his death, he speaks to Dustin with love and also becomes emotional with Dustin. However, people misunderstood the scene and thought it was something romantic. In reality, it was a brotherly love that he showed for Dustin.

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Final Words

Recently Netflix released the fourth season of “The Stranger Things” web series. Many new characters appear in the fourth season, and Eddie Munson is one of the new characters. This character gains so much love from the viewers. And people want to know more about their favorite characters. However, Many questions have been raised about the Eddie. One of these concerns is Eddie Munson’s sexuality on the show. Since the stranger things do not reveal the sexuality of Eddie Munson, his fans eagerly want to know “Is Eddie Munson gay”. Some scenes indicate Eddie Munson is gay and others indicate he is straight. But there is no exact answer to this question until “The Stranger Things” discloses the sexuality of Eddie Munson.



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