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Team Building Activities Your Office Can Do Virtually

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Many companies have allowed their staff to work remotely to maintain successful virtual teams. Team building activities can help employees cultivate meaningful relationships, connections, and cultural trust virtually. Here is a list of activities that your office can do virtually:

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt can involve asking each team member to write down a list of several items for the other team to look for in their home. The items could be something special that someone made for you or straightforward, like finding a book. Employees will have an opportunity to tell their story behind such items through these team building activities

Another option would be gathering your employees on a video call. Divide them into several groups and have one part of the group write down a list of items to find. Allocate a few minutes for them to find the items provided on the list. Once the minutes are up or when a team member finds all items on the list, the other team will confirm whether the items match the list criteria. The person who has found all items should receive a prize.


Remote bingo is a fun activity and icebreaker as it encourages employees to learn more about each other. The game can be played before starting an online conversation or at the end of a meeting. The game involves marking off numbers provided on a card and completing a line to win the prize. Bingo can include a series of game cards with different information, such as team members born in the same region, those who speak Spanish, have more than one pet, have been to Europe, etc. 

Team members should provide answers on the templates. A player can be awarded a point when they learn details about a team member found on the bingo board. Players can track performance by putting a mark for every box they complete. To encourage small teams, you can use breakout rooms. The goal of the game is to make employees comfortable with one another. You can give a prize to whoever finishes the challenge first.

Team Health Challenges

These activities encourage your virtual team members to live a healthy lifestyle. You can encourage your employees to complete a certain number of lunges, squats, or pushups. Another option would be tasks such as running for a certain distance weekly or completing a certain number of steps. You can use video chatting for joint meditation sessions to boost your employees’ mental health. A flexible corporate wellness platform can help you track their progress during the health campaign. The platform will also encourage healthy competition among your virtual team. Motivate them by giving incentives to top performers. 

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Schedule an afternoon or morning coffee break that allows your virtual team to catch up to interact outside the regular team meetings. Your employees can socialize with each other during this time and share more about their life outside regular work. Socializing with colleagues helps build healthy workplace relationships that virtual team members may not often experience on their own. 

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Truth or Dare

Truth or dare involves questions that uncover bold dares and innocent truths. The players can choose whether to do a dare or to disclose some truth about themselves. To make the game more fun, avoid asking questions that are too personal and unsafe for work. Arrange your team in several small groups to avoid the activity taking too long. Explain everything the employees will be expected to do for everyone to get comfortable. Write down a set of rules for employees to refer back to in case of any questions. You can have a rule stating that the participants can only choose truth or dare twice in a row.

Hire the Best Team Building Activities Vendor

Find a team building activities service that can organize games that match your individual group’s ability level, size, and age. Prioritize a company with the specific kind of facilitation or training and experience your organization needs. A good team building company should organize activities that help create bonds between employees to improve their productivity. They should be able to customize their activities and programs to match your goals and objectives.

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