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Shopstudio1: Order Elementary, Middle and High School Photographs

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What is the best way to immortalize cherished moments of school life? Of course, the majority of people answered through school photographs, right? School photographs are more than just snapshots; they are windows into our past that remind us of the journey we have taken and the people who have shaped us along the way.

Do you know that now you can click on these pictures with the help of Before proceeding further, let’s introduce you to this term first. Shopstudio1 is a photo studio where you can create your elementary, middle, and high school pictures with distinct backgrounds.

In this post, we will provide you with details about and its notable roles in elementary and high school students’ photographs.

Shopstudio1 – Elementary and Middle Schools

If you are looking for elementary & middle school photos, you may want to check with the school or their website. However, with the help of shopstudio1, you can access your pictures in no time. Follow the below simple steps to access your photographs:

  1. Open on your PC or mobile phone.
  2. Then click on the elementary & middle schools from the home page.
  3. Then enter your 4-digit school code or student keycode in the given box and press enter.
  4. At last, click to view your photo.

Elementary and Middle Schools Photograph Categories

Elementary and Middle Schools Photograph Categories

There are three types of photographs that you can get clicked unde elementary and middle schools on shopstudio1. Let’s briefly learn about these categories:

  • Promotion Photos: These photos refer to students who are transitioning from one level of schooling to another, for instance, from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school. The students are in their school attire, and photos are taken in a setting that signifies the promotion ceremony.
  • Fall Photos: Fall photos are usually taken in the autumn months, typically around September or October. These are taken as a tradition in many schools, especially in North America. These photos capture students in their fall attire, often featuring seasonal backgrounds such as autumn leaves or pumpkins.
  • Handshake Photos: Handshake photos typically involve a staged moment where a student shakes hands with an authority figure, such as a principal or teacher, often against a backdrop representing the school or educational institution. These photos symbolize achievements, such as graduating from elementary school or receiving an award.

How do you track your Elementary and Middle School Photograph orders?

The orders may take 28 days after picture day to be delivered to the school. To track your order successfully, follow these simple steps:

1) Open > Elementary & middle School > View Orders

2) Enter your order number, E-mail address, and Postal Code

3) Click on Find Order to track.

How do you track your Elementary and Middle School Photograph orders

Note: All fields are mandatory if you don’t have an account on Shopstudio1. If you have already created an account on website, you can simply go to manage orders to track your recent orders.

1.4 FAQs about Elementary and Middle Schools Photograph

Ques 1) What time can I see my pictures online?

Ans) After picture day, your images will be posted to our website in around four to five weeks. You will get a second chance form at school with the student key code to view your pictures online as soon as the pictures are ready.

Ques 2) How long will the photos be available on your website?

Ans) Pictures will remain accessible from the start of the academic year until the fall semester of the following year. There will be shipping costs.

Ques 3) When do I get my class photo?

Ans) A complimentary class photo is included for every purchase per child. As we wait for all of the images to be taken and the adjustments to be made, this will happen later in the school year.

Shopstudio1 – High Schools Photograph

High School photos, in particular, contain a wide range of images capturing various aspects of the high school experience. On Shopstudio1, you will mainly have two categories of high school photos. Let’s know what that is.

High Schools Photography Categories

There are two kinds of photographs that you can easily access on

  • Senior Portraits: Senior portraits are formal photographs taken of high school seniors, usually during their final year of high school. These portraits are more elaborate and individualized in comparison to regular yearbook photos.

Follow the below steps to access Senior portraits on Shopstudio 1:

  1. Open shopstudio1 > Click High Schools.
  2. Select Seniors > Senior portraits 2023-24
  3. Select your school from the list.
  4. Then go to find my photos and enter your Student ID number.
  5. You will get your photo along with your name at the top.
  • ID Cards and Underclass Photos: ID cards are photographs of students used for identification purposes within the school. These photos are typically taken at the beginning of the school year and are printed on student identification cards.

Underclass photos are formal portraits of students who are not yet seniors, such as juniors. These photos are similar in style to senior portraits but may be less elaborate. These photos, particularly taken at the beginning of the school year, are used in the yearbook and for school records.

Follow the below steps to access ID cards and underclass photos on Shopstudio1:

  1. Open shopstudio1>High Schools.
  2. Select ID Cards> ID Cards and Underclass Photos 2023-24.
  3. Select your school from the list.
  4. Then go to find my photos and enter your Student ID number.
  5. Click on your ID Card, then click on the download icon to download it.

List of High Schools Available for Photograph on Shopstudio1

  • Alta Loma High School
  • Rancho Cucamonga High School
  • Ontario High School
  • Montclair High School
  • Chaffey High School
  • Upland High School
  • Azusa High School
  • Colony High School

How to Track High Schools Orders?

To track your order successfully, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open > High Schools >View Orders.
  2. Enter your order number, E-mail address, and Postal Code.
  3. At last, click on Find Order.

FAQs about High School Photos

Ques 1) Can I retake my senior photo?

Ans) Yes, you may retake the test for free within five months. You will be required to pay a $30 sitting charge after five months.

Ques 2) How many outfit changes can I bring?

Ans) Your pupil may bring up to three different costumes to change into.

Ques 3) Does my student need to pay a sitting fee?

Ans) Yes, all students have a sitting fee of $30. However, it depends upon your school.

Ques 4) What if I am unable to pay the sitting fee? Will my student not be in the yearbook?

Ans) Studio 1 will be on campus 1 week before the yearbook deadline to photograph any remaining seniors for a single yearbook pose only at no cost.

How do I create an account on

To create a new account on shopstudio1, you need to fill out a form first which includes:

  1. First and last name.
  2. E-mail address.
  3. Password.

You can check the Remember Me button for future use.

Is a scam or legit?

It seems that is legit, safe to use, and not a scam website. The review of is positive.  The positive trust score is based on the technology used, other websites found on the same web server, etc.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, we hope that after reading this article, you will get to know about and its notable features for school students.

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