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07 Awesome Tips To Write a Children Book

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Kid’s books can be an amazing way for authors to express their creative ideas and stories. Children’s books are extremely popular in the publishing industry and digital marketing and they receive a lot of praise and attention. story books for kids are also easier to write and have more freedom for wild and interesting plot points. Writing books for children can be a lucrative and successful endeavour if you know what you are doing. However, starting a children’s book can be tricky and some authors may need a little boost to get started.

07 Surprising Steps to Write a Children’s Book

A lot of writers want to start writing a children’s book as quickly as possible, but they often run into trouble. Here are some steps you can follow to start writing your children’s book with ease and efficiency.

1) Find the Best Idea

Finding the right idea is an important thing to do when writing a children’s book. In the book market, children’s books often include the same types of plots, tropes and characters, it can be difficult to make sure your story is unique and fresh. Think about what sort of stories intrigue children. Think about the market and popular stories. Make sure your idea is interesting and can keep the attention of a child.

Make your idea fun and eye-catching for children. Additionally, if you think about current cartoons and animation directed for children, learn from the storytelling technique in that media and identify what sort of ideas are utilized in those stories. A good idea for a children’s book will include memorable characters, a fun plot and an interesting twist.

2) Start Working on Main Character

Every good child’s book needs a main character who is memorable. Children are often attracted to characters who are funny, joyful, colourful and whimsical. Make sure your main character is full of life and ideas. You need to make sure that the main character is someone a child would want to know more about.

Talking animals, superheroes and adventurers are usually the common types of main characters that children like. A good main character will be kind but also fun, the character needs to be a role model and a friend to children. Your main character will be the face of your book so make sure you not only think about the personality but also the design.

3) Write the Right Length

Children’s books cannot be too long or even too short. If you browse the book market, you will notice that children’s books are often only a few short chapters. They are not too long or too wordy. You need to remember that children have small attention spans and can get bored very easily. This is why it is important that your book is the right length. Make sure that the story is full of action and does not drag on for too long. A good children’s story can tell an exciting tale in just a few chapters. Think about the readability of your book, children like to read the same book multiple times, so think about that when writing your own book.

4) Quickly Begin the Story

As already mentioned, children often lose their interest very quickly, therefore it is important that you begin your story as soon as possible. Don’t make the plot too overly complicated, don’t introduce too many plot points and don’t explain everything.

Children always look for a fast-paced, quick read. Don’t waste time on exposition, instead, start your story with the action. Make sure that story grabs attention from the beginning. Introduce your exciting characters and setting right at the beginning and keep the pace fast.

5) Identify the Main Problem

Every child’s book has the main problem that isn’t too complex to understand. The main purpose of this problem is usually to teach children some sort of morals or give them good advice. Make sure that the problem introduced in your book is something that children can understand and even relate to. Think about everyday problems that children may face. Also, include a good moral at the end of your book, and talk about responsibility or kindness. Make sure that the problem is something that children can thoroughly understand and remember. Children are also fond of dramatic villains that are easy to defeat and make the main character look good. Think about classic cartoons when thinking about the problem you want to include in your story.

6) Choose your Book Title

Choosing a catchy and fun book title is one of the most important things to do when writing a children’s book. A good book title will immediately make children excited to learn about your story and characters.

Eventually, children are usually attracted to titles that are fun to say out loud, for example, a title that rhymes, or a title that is funny. Children like books with titles that are light-hearted and easy to read. Make your book title as fun and interesting as possible.

7) Find an Editor

Finding an editor for your children’s book can be the best way to start writing one. A professional editor can help you fully realize the potential of your idea. Editors often have much more knowledge about what trends to follow when writing a book for children.

They usually know what good children’s book Writing needs and can help guide you and give you good advice on the subject. You can find a professional editor in any publishing company and hire them to help you with your story, characters and plot. A good editor will make sure that your book is suitable for children and will make sure that it does well in the market.


A children’s book can be quite successful if you know how to write one properly. Writing and working on a children’s book can be a difficult task if it is your first time, however, by following the simple steps provided above, you can start your children’s book right now and come up with some amazing stories for children.

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