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How Tall is DD Osama? Bio: DD Osama Height, Age, Net Worth and More

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After catching a simple thing, especially when the pain of losing your twin is always there in your heart.

The article is all about DD Osama and the curiosity to know DD Osama Height. You will learn about DD Osama’s net worth, relationship, age, Height, and the incidents that played an imperative role in making him The Future Star of America.

Curiosity to Know About DD Osama Height

With a height of 5.5 feet, this young star is reaching the heights of success at the age of 17. Making a huge success at such an age is definitely not as simple as making a porridge. Sincere efforts are required to earn such a huge stardom. His fame at the age of 17 makes his one of the youngest American stars.

DD Osama Wiki

After observing the excellence of the lyrics of his songs, his fans want to follow him. They often Google DD Osama Height, DD Osama Networth, and DD Osama Girlfriend to know more about him. They stay curious to know daily updates on him and wait for his songs excitedly.

Let’s have a quick look at the DD Osama .

Physical Appearance

The following tabular data will let you know the personal details of DD Osama.

Height 165 cm
Weight 50 gm
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Hair Style Curly Hair
Skin Colour Medium Black to light brown
Body Size Fit

DD Osama Biography

Check out the most important details about DD Osama such as Full name, Occupation, First Song, Labels, Networth, etc.

Name David DeShaun Reyes
Date of Birth November 29, 2006
Birth Location Harlem, New York
Occupation(s) Rapper and songwriter
Labels Alamo Records, Notti World Records
First Song Aftermath
Siblings 5
The most viewed song Back To Back
Total Networth $100,000



Mother Mrs. Crimsley Martinez
Father Mr. Osama ( a businessman)
Brother Notti Osama
Brother Ace Osama
Brother Jaybeez Da Osama
Brother Name Not Available
Brother CJ Osama
Step-dad Not known

Is DD Osama Still Alive?

The lines “Everything I do is for NottiOsama” on DD Osama’s Instagram bio are quite catchy. To your surprise, there is a story behind these lines. We will also discuss that in the following content. But let us first understand what makes him stand out from others.

The pain in his songs makes him stand out from others. His proficiency in converting his pain, sorrow, and anger in his songs such as Without You and E4N is incredible and this is what makes him a brilliant songwriter.

After losing his brother, the 17-year-old rapper has tried his best to keep him alive through his songs. But before that, let’s discuss what happened to his brother.

Notti Osama Murder

It was 3 p.m. on 9 July 2022 when Notti Osama got into a fight with a 15-year-old boy on a subway platform. This brawl led the latter to stab Notti in a fit of anger. Notti was alive and was taken to the hospital. Doctors tried their best but failed to save him due to an excess flow of blood.

DD Osama Hit Songs List

The loss of his 14-year-old boy left a deep impact on the songs that DD Osama produced or will produce. Just feel his pain through his songs such as:

Songs Artist Album
Throw DD Osama Throw
Letter 2 Notti DD Osama Here 2 Stay
Without You DD Osama, Notti Osama Not Available
Once you Go DD Osama Once You Go

DD Osama’s Equation With His Father

DD Osama’s equation with his father has been a popular talk since he came into the limelight. His biological father, who is a popular businessman, got divorced from his mother Mrs. Crimsley Martinez when he was very young. However, his equation is quite well with his stepfather.

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This 17-year-old rapper is making a huge success in America day by day. There is no denying the fact that he is one of the future American stars due to his excellence in converting his pain into songs. For sure, DD Osama has a huge list of upcoming songs to fascinate you. Stay tuned to his YouTube channel and Instagram profile to know more updates on his upcoming songs.


Ques 1: Who is the father of DD Osama?

Ans: There is not much to know about DD Osama’s Father. All we know is that his father is a businessman who got divorced from his mother. Then, DD Osama’s Mother got married to another man who took care of DD Osama very well.

Ques 2: What is the full name of DD Osama?

Ans: David DeShaun Reyes is the full name of DD Osama.

Ques 3: How Tall is DD Osama?

Ans: The height of DD Osama is:

161 cm in centimeters

1.61 m in meters

5’ 3 in feet inches

Ques 4: What happened to DD Osama brother?

Ans: Notti Osama who was the brother of DD Osama was stabbed with a knife in a brawl resulting in his death.

Ques 5: Is DD Osama single?

Ans: As per sources, he used to be in a relationship with a girl. But he broke up due to an unknown reason. Eventually, for now, he is single.

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