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Review Aggregator Tools: Collect And Showcase Reviews Without Any Hassle

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As a part of this digital world, is it challenging to rely on a particular information? 

It is understandable as this is a common problem of the overall population in this digital era. Buyers have access to a pool of information on the same products from numerous companies which creates complications. In this situation, online reviews are a great savior for all the potential buyers. 

However, reviews are not only beneficial for the buyers but are useful for the business as well. Online customer reviews are a great way for businesses to stand out from the other competitors in the market.


This is when you utilize the strategy of embedding customer reviews on your website and making it more appealing to your potential customers. Thus, for a seamless embedding process and also to save your time and effort there are numerous review aggregator platforms that you can utilize. 

This article aims to provide you with details about some of the popular and best aggregator tools in this competitive market. 

So, continue reading this article to gather information and utilize it while choosing the best aggregator tool for your business. 

Get To Know About The Review Aggregator

Before gobbling down the various review aggregator tools let’s start with knowing a little about the review aggregator first.

A review aggregator can be best defined as a platform that helps businesses gather engaging online reviews of existing customers about different products and services. The review aggregator collects customer reviews from different sources available on the internet to display them in a single place. 

The review aggregator platform aims to help the business show the opinion of the consumers in a summarized form on their website. This helps the potential customers quickly go through the price, quality, and worth of the product without giving much time to searches. This allows your potential customers to make informed buying decisions with your brand. 

Top Rated Review Aggregator Tool For The Hassle-Free Integration

Now that you gather knowledge about the review aggregators it is time to get started to know about some of the excellent tools in the market. These tools will make the integration process smooth and will save lots of time and effort for the businesses.

Each of the tools varies from the others in their features and functionality so it is important to carefully go through each of them to understand which one best fits your business requirements. Below is the curated list of aggregator tools. Have a look at it. 

a) Tagembed

Tagembed is the first aggregator tool of the list. Tagembed is the leading name among the various aggregator tools in the competitive market. This tool allows users to collect engaging content from 20+ networks. This also includes collecting the best reviews for the numerous online review platforms. This tool is the favorite tool of businesses and markets globally due to its user-friendly interface and super-advanced features. 

It has the best and most advanced customization features with which users can design super attractive review widgets that match the style of the website. Users have the option to change the theme of the widget choosing from numerous designs. Tagembed offers the users to choose the best layout from the 10+ options and set the best style of the widget. 

It does not end here you can also select the font size, font style, background, etc of the review widget. You can also add a CTA button to your widget. Along with that another great feature of the tool Tagembed is the profanity filter which lets you filter out the irrelevant reviews that users may not want to showcase on their website. This is a full codeless tool which makes the integration very smooth. 

b) Birdeye

The next on the list we have for you is Birdeye. This is a review management tool that also allows you to collect reviews from different prominent online review platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. This is the best aggregator tool for local businesses and brands which allows them to display Google reviews on their website to engage and attract potential customers easily. 

Along with collecting reviews, this tool allows the users to manage the reviews as well. This tool provides users with great features as well including generating reviews, monitoring them, survey, benchmarking, etc. 

This tool has the only aim to help the business collect the best reviews of their business to showcase them on the website. This way to boost the online reputation of the businesses, and drive more traffic and sales. 

c) Power Reviews

The third great review aggregator in the list is the Power Reviews. This tool is expertise in generating as well as managing reviews as well. Through this tool, businesses are able to send customized emails to customers to encourage them to share their honest reviews about the products and services. 

Also, the in-depth analytic feature of the tool Power Review can gather insight into the sentiments of the customers. Every time Power Review generates fresh reviews on your website which helps your business to improve their search engine ranking which ultimately enhances the SEO. This is a great tool for businesses to harness the power of reviews into their website. 

d) Podium 

The fourth aggregator tool that has made the fourth place in the list of aggregator tools is the Podium. Podium makes it very simple for businesses to communicate with their customers. Businesses can easily communicate with their customers via texts and thus request them to share their reviews in a convenient way using the tool Podium. 

Podium is a great tool for managing as well as responding to valuable customer reviews. The features of the tool Podium optimize customer interaction for a seamless experience. Podium is a great tool for those businesses who want to boost their online reputation.   

Wrapping Up

For streamlining the customer reviews in this modern internet era aggregator tools are playing a quite important role. There are various well-known online review platforms like Google, Yelp, Airbnb, etc which provide a wide platform for customers to share their experiences about different products and services. 

Thus, the aggregator tool helps the business utilize these reviews to bring growth by seamlessly collecting them and showcasing them on the website to engage potential customers. 

This article talks about great aggregator tools for businesses to collect online reviews of their products and services without any hassle. This tool will help the business to display the reviews on their website in a single place without any hassle.

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