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Subauthor GTA 5 APK 6.1.2 Free Download(Subauthor Stay Updates)

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Are you a GTA lover? For sure you will be if you are a 90s kid. The game was very popular in the 90s and even today the craze of this game has not lowered. Instead, the number of this game’s lovers is drastically rising with every new version.

Well, the current version of the game, GTA 5, is highly played by lakhs of people all over the world. Moreover, the hype of the MOD version of GTA 5 APK 6.1.2(Subauthor Stay Updates) is also rising.

What is different in the mod apk version of the game? Well, the major difference is the more annoyance from the police. In Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK version, you will experience dramatic changes and the other side of the law.

Now, the real challenge and the great will be the police and the level of the game is not moderate anymore. The difficulty level is hard in this game is beyond your thinking. Besides this, the game is really exciting and you can play this game for a considerable amount of time without getting bored.

What is Subauthor Stay Updates?

Subauthor GTA 5 is the latest version of the most popular game Grand Theft Auto 5.  It is the most awaited game by android users. Not only in India but players from all around the globe were eagerly waiting for the MOD APK version of this game. It is an action-adventurous game that features many different vice cities. There are unique features and major updations in this version that will enhance the players’ gaming experience. Moreover, the premiums are unlocked in this mod version which attracts the eye of a plethora of GTA lovers. The players will be given different missions and they have to complete them in order to earth points nd rewards.

Highlights of Subauthor GTA 5

Do you want a quick overview of some crucial details and information about the Subauthor GTA 5 Mod Apk Version? If yes, here are some quick highlights for you:

Game Name Subauthor Stay Updates GTA 5
Mod APK Version Publisher Rockstar Games
Category  Games
MOD Features  Premium Unlocked
Size 18MB
Version  6.1.2
Compatibility Android 5.0
Cost Free
Last Updated On July 2023

What is New in Subauthor GTA 5?

The newest and unique feature of the game is now players can experience the role of a policeman in this game. In the previous versions, players need to save themselves from the police, but now they can act as a policeman. This is only because of this feature that the players’ excitement level skyrockets. Now, they can spend hours in the uniform of a policeman and can relish a whole different gaming experience.

Player Option in the Subauthor Stay Updates Version APK 6.1.2

If you want to play this game with a group of friends just like you play Pubg, you can’t do it at all. This game doesn’t allow the multiplayer option and you need to play this game alone. Still, it is the top priority of a myriad of gamers around the world.

Amazing Characteristics of Subauthor GTA 5

Are you curious to know about the various characteristics of Subauthor GTA 5? Do you want to boost your excitement level and love towards this game to the next level after discovering unique features? If yes, then have a look at the points mentioned below. These features will surely convince you to download this game right now in order to play it immediately.

  • Upgraded Vehicles: If you want to get a 3D vehicle experience, make sure to play this game once and you will be forced to play it all the time. The realistic vehicles and advanced driving experience will take you to another gaming world.
  • Compatibility: Do you remember those days when you need to turn on your PC to play the GTA game? Some people even don’t have their own computer and they used to go to their friend’s homes to play this game. Well, you don’t need any laptop or computer to play this game as the Subauthor GTA MOD APK version is compatible with most android devices.
  • Realistic Graphics: The graphics of the game are simply superb as the realistic and optimized gameplay will keep you engrossed with the game for hours.
  • New Weapons and Bullets: The latest weapons and bullets are introduced in the Subauthor GTA 5. The realistic and incredible weapons and high-quality sound of the weapons will convince you to play this game every day.

Steps to Download Subauthor GTA 5 on the Android Phone

Steps to Download Subauthor GTA 5 on the Android Phone

If you want to download this incredible game on your android phone, make sure your device is compatible. If it is compatible, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to download this game on your mobile phone:

  1. Turn on the wifi or mobile data of your phone to get access to the internet.
  2. Open your browser and search for ‘Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK Download.
  3. A website link will appear on the top with the download link of this game
  4. Click on the download button to install it on your phone.
  5. After installation, you can play this game anytime to have an amazing gaming experience.


Ques 1) What is the major latest feature in Subauthor GTA 5? 

Ans) In subauthor GTA 5, now you can play the role of a policeman which was not available in any of the previous versions.

Ques 2) Does the game subauthor GTA 5 supports a multiplayer option?

Ans) No, the game does not support the multiplayer option.

Ques 3) Is Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK version compatible with android devices? 

Ans) Yes, the Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK version with most android devices.

Final Words

Hence, subauthor GTA 5 is highly played  and liked by people of different age groups. If you are also a game lover, you must surely give this game a try. Believe it, you will love to spend this time playing this game.

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