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Things to Know Before Studying in Canada

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A huge crowd of youngsters makes up a plan to travel to Canada for higher education and a good career. Well, Canada is known for delivering excellent education to students with globally-recognized degrees. You must be aware of the fact that some Canadian universities have achieved reputable positions in the list of topmost universities in the world. Besides this, Canada is a country of beautiful waterfalls, alpine meadows, glacier-fed lakes, attractive forests, long beaches, bay, green parks, and gracious mountains. But moving to Canada requires a permit. If you desire to migrate to Canada for higher education then, you need to get a study permit first.

Having knowledge of some common relevant things of a country where you wish to migrate is a must. So that, you can plan accurately in advance to avoid any trouble. This article will shed light on the things that you must know before studying in Canada. To avoid any hindrance in getting your visa approved, you can approach experienced study visa consultants in Jalandhar

Take a look at the things you must know before studying in Canada:

Canada has two common languages

Well, there are two official languages in Canada. Yes, French and English are the two common languages in Canada that many people use to converse. A major portion of French speakers resides in the province of Quebec. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you found any person speaking in a language other than English. Well, if you are making up your mind to pursue education in any part of Quebec then, having an acquaintance with the French language will be beneficial for you. However, acquaintance with the English language is compulsory if you want to get a visa for Canada.

Earn while studying 

Earn while studying is a policy that helped the students living there handle their expenses of surviving. Every international student is allowed to get a part-time job while pursuing education in Canada. Well, you don’t need to apply for a separate work permit. You are free to work till you have a valid study visa. This policy has assisted the international students in managing their study expenses, accommodation charges, food, and other expenses. But please note that there are some strict rules and regulations that you must adhere to in order to avoid any trouble.


The Canadian government also helps international students who can’t afford their study expenses. Many students often step back after knowing the entire cost of studying abroad. But note that the Canadian government and post-secondary institutions give scholarships and grants to help brilliant candidates manage their study expenses. Well, you should surf the internet or get guidance from the experts to know more details about this sort of concept. Note that the Canadian government considers some factors and requirements to provide scholarships. Also, you don’t need to pay it back to the government. Well, you should do proper research on this topic to get in-depth knowledge.

Weather of Canada

During winters in Canada, the temperature can go down to minus degrees. That covers the roads, trees, houses, and everything with white snow. Therefore, you should keep the clothes according to the weather requirements. Such as heavy jackets, sweaters, or coats. Canada is too cold during winters. During summer, the morning can be chilly on some days which can make you wear a light jacket. But you don’t need warm clothes in the afternoon. Thus, pack the necessary things according to the requirements of the environment.

Study visa requirements

Do you know that you don’t require a study permit if you opt for a short-duration course? Well, yes, if the duration of your course is less than six months or less then, you don’t require a study permit.  You require a study permit if the duration of your course is more than six months. Also, you need a temporary residence permit along with the study permit which is usually applied during the visa process. As already mentioned above, you don’t require a separate work permit if you possess a valid student visa. For more details on the study visa requirements, you can seek guidance from an experienced study visa consultant.


Living in a multi-cultured country is beneficial for your positive mindset. The experience that you will get while living in Canada will also be memorable for you. It is wise to collect the crucial details before moving to the country. Also, abide by the rules and regulations of the country to avoid any trouble.

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