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Why Is Indian Youth Crazy for Government Jobs?

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The days of every aspirant in India wishing to work in the private sector are long gone. Everyone is now genuinely obsessed with landing the ideal job in the government sector. Since the coronavirus emerged, the situation has completely changed. There is no denying that working people suffer exploitation in the private sector. Only government jobs can provide all of the appealing benefits that will enable you to earn money quickly. But it needs a good amount of effort to crack the government exams.

Since you are competing with lakhs of other students, you have to put in extraordinary effort to do well in the government exams. Numerous factors may influence youngsters who desire to work in government to make that decision.

.However, it can be difficult to get a job with the government. The students must navigate a number of challenging circumstances. The government exams usually involve stringent rounds including prelims, mains, and finally the interview.  In order to pass various government exams quickly, the majority of aspirant students in India strain their backs and stuff their brains. Students are opting to appear for bank exams, SSC CGL, etc. If you are preparing to crack the upcoming bank exams then this article will be perfect to provide you motivation to work even harder.

Now read this article to understand the key reasons behind the craze for government jobs in India

Job security 

While talking about the craze for government jobs among youth, the most prominent reason is- job security.  In the government sector, no one has the power to oust you from your position. But in the private sector, you have to work very hard to make things right and worry about losing your job all the time. Also, in the private sector,  internal as well as external factors greatly affect job security. A recession, dip in the economy, etc can cause the company to take a decision to lay off some employees. You must have read news about mass layoffs in big private MNCs. So your job is always at risk  in the private sector

Mental peace

For every individual mental peace matters the most. When your mental peace remains disturbed for long then it can be hard to live a happy life. The constant stress and frustrations associated with private jobs badly affect the mental peace of its employees. In some private sector jobs, you are given daily targets. You have to go to any lengths to achieve those targets. Hence, the employee remains under pressure always.

Now in the government sector, there is no excessive pressure on the employees. Some of them might receive daily targets but again even if they fail to achieve them it has no impact on their salary or job security. Youngsters these days don’t want to work under immense pressure. The importance of mental health has become an important part of public discussion. Hence, this is another prominent reason why youth aspiring to get government jobs.

Good remuneration

In India, the private sector is famous for underpaying employees. The companies offer low remuneration to newly graduated students. Barring top colleges like IIT, IIM, etc, the graduates from the majority of the universities have to settle at much lower salaries.

Now with rising inflation and cost of living it is hard to survive at low remuneration. But in the government sector, you get handsome salaries along with many other perks. There is no denying that salaries in the public sector are typically higher than those in the private sector. The government sector’s other prominent benefit is that they always pay their employees’ salaries timely. If you aim to clear exams for govt jobs in Punjab then you need to devise a proper strategy and study plan.

Prestigious job 

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that the government sector is one of the most prestigious sectors of all. Getting a government job will ensure that you don’t have to face too much struggle and labor in life. Once you become a part of the government sector, you attain a splendid place in society. A job in the private sector might not receive the same respect from society. All of us aim to live a perfect life- free from stresses, a stable career, job security etc. Only a job with the government will make this all possible.

Wrapping it up 

So, there are several benefits to doing a government job. It is the dream of several youngsters to get a job in the government sector. They want to secure their career by doing a stable and well-paying job. But clearing the government exams requires intensive efforts and hard work. We hope reading our article will provide you with motivation to work hard to clear government exams.

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