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Why is Vocabulary Important for IELTS Exam?

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Vocabulary plays an essential role in determining your proficiency in the English language. Those who possess a broad range of vocabulary find it easier to clear the IELTS test with a good band score. Having a good vocabulary helps you do well in all the modules of the IELTS test. While speaking, you will be able to impress the examiner with the usage of different words. It will help prove that you have good proficiency in the English language. Talking about the reading module you may have to find synonyms/antonyms etc from the passage. Those who can understand the difficult words very well will find it easier to solve and find answers to the questions asked.

Now, it can be hard for beginners to improve their vocabulary. If you are one of them then you should definitely give this article a read. We will talk about some useful tips to make considerable improvements in your vocabulary. Things are complex in the beginning but with regular practice, it can be a cakewalk to possess a good vocabulary. You need to ensure that you have worked on your vocabulary very well before booking the IELTS exam date

Keep reading this article to know the effective tips for improving vocabulary. 

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Reading is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary. Those who like to read tend to have a better vocabulary than others. So, try inculcating reading habits. If you are someone who finds reading boring then you need to change your mindset toward reading.  Maybe you were reading books which didn’t suit your interests. Go to a book shop or library and search for the books of the genre which interest you. It will help you develop an immense interest in reading. Additionally, it will help boost your vocabulary in the long term.

You can also simply browse through any prominent English daily like The Tribune, The Hindu, etc. Newspaper reading is an effective method to become aware of new words and understand the way the words have been used in the sentences. We suggest you jot down all the difficult words in a diary and keep revising them from time to time. All these practices will ensure you are able to get desired band scores in the IELTS exam.

Write the words learned

You might have gained knowledge of several words after intense reading. But if you have no idea how to use these words in framing sentences then it will not really benefit you much. Try understanding how you can use the words to form sentences. Also,  these sentences should be formed in such a way that you can utilize them for your writing tasks. So, we advised you before to jot down the words in a notebook. Now read below the significance of doing the same.

Importance of writing in enhancing vocabulary 

Now write sentences of those words in your notebook. It will actually help you learn the meanings of the words in a better and more effective manner. Thus, after reading,  develop the habit to write short essays, paragraphs, etc using a broad range of vocabulary. The examiner will check the range of vocabulary used in your writing tasks so it is crucial to practice the usage of words in writing. All the language tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc demand you to possess an excellent vocabulary in order to reach the optimal scores. If you are preparing hard for the PTE exam but finding it hard to improve your vocabulary then why not consider the option of seeking PTE online coaching?

Be patient 

Have you made a decision to learn 30-40 new words every day? Before you finalize such a decision, we want to tell you that one word can imply various meanings. The beauty of the English language lies in the fact that one single word can be used to convey different meanings. Also, each word has a huge range of synonyms and antonyms. You need the patience to learn all of them. Doing things in haste can be detrimental. Your brain can’t retain information learned through rote learning for too long. . There are adequate chances that you’ll end up forgetting everything as you near the date for your IELTS exam.

Try to learn slowly and steadily. Later on, you can increase your speed. Whenever learning anything new it is vital to be patient. Give your mind ample time to learn the concepts. Also, along with vocabulary, you should also keep a check on your pronunciation. Keep in mind that vocabulary and pronunciation go hand in hand. So work on both these areas to increase your chances of attaining a good band score in the IELTS exam.

Summing it up

So, in order to do well in your IELTS exam, it is crucial to work on vocabulary. Those who possess a broad range of vocabulary are able to achieve good band scores. For a beginner, it can be challenging to learn and understand new words. But just keep practicing hard and it will all be quite easier for you. So, we hope after reading the above article you are now aware of the effective tips to boost your vocabulary.

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